The Growlers

“We have a new respect for professional players… At first, we always wanted to have homegrown and kinda shitty players, but now we see how the pros can take the songs to a new place.”


I read somewhere that hospitals see more sad goodbyes than airports. It always seemed to make sense to me but I never really understood why. Now, given the recent year spent in and out of ICU and specialist wards, it’s suffice to say that hospitals are in of themselves; different.

The Butlers

“The vibe of the record is just us, it’s the first selection of songs we’ve put together that gives the listener a good insight into us and hopefully tells a story. I remember when we got 1000 plays on Spotify for that first song, we were celebrating; and now being able to be a part... Continue Reading →


The surf industry has very much evolved from its underground and almost rebellious roots to a very marketable and commercialised industry. Yet amongst such an unforgiving and at times hostile environment, there are a few people that stay true to themselves and maintain a love for what they do. No one better personifies this than... Continue Reading →

Empty Colour

The streets themselves are filled with people of all ages; young families to older couples, teenagers trying their luck in the field to businessmen just trying to make it home before their kids are too tired to wait any longer.

Grand Champion

“I wrote it to make myself feel better about being a thirsty, unemployed insomniac whilst sitting in my bedroom in Northcote, Victoria. It didn't make me feel that much better, however, I have, for the most part, avoided working for arseholes ever since and I see that as a great success,”

Endless ranges played as nothing more than observant lovers to secluded bays. Rocky headlands had been chipped away long ago—as if someone had decided that the waves deserved just that little bit more room to dance.

A Moment with Soaked Oats

On a trip to Dunedin he then played the rest of us these songs he’d written, and we were like (much to his surprise) “fuck man, these are great”. So, we decided to record demos of the songs ourselves, and had an amazing time in the middle of a brutal Dunedin Winter bringing these songs to life.

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